About Us

     MovinAds Marketing & Signs is a marketing company specializing in Vehicle Wraps, Mobile Billboards, Truckside Advertising and Creative Vehicle/Storefront Graphics. Our goal is to create cost effective ads and signs for businesses that are looking to maximize their exposure with minimum expenditure. Outdoor media has become a critical component to an effective marketing strategy. At MovinAds, we understand how to create highly effective designs that won’t break the bank.  We will handle the entire process from concept to design and installation. Let MovinAds take your message to the street!

Get Noticed:

Marketing is all about making an impression. MovinAds Marketing & Signs will help you make lasting impressions with our creative solutions. 

What we do:

    MovinAds will design, produce and install, wraps, billboards and signs that are in our customers best interest! Of course all businesses exist to make money but it is our goal to establish long lasting relationships with our clients. We do that by focusing on one simple rule. Keep our clients “best interests” in the forefront of our mind. It is a simple concept that many of our competitors forget. At MovinAds we will always consider what is in your best interest!

Our Priorities:

  • Operate in our customers best interest

  • Exceed your expectations

  • Offer multiple solutions

  • Customize our services to meet your unique needs

  • Make the customer our #1 priority

How we got here:

       MovinAds Marketing & Signs started out of necessity by a local entrepreneur. Rob Potter, President of MovinAds, started his entrepreneurial career in the cellular phone business. As a co-owner of Empire Wireless, Rob has extensive experience marketing small businesses.  Rob grew Empire Wireless from one store in Saratoga Springs, NY to fifteen stores across the capital district. Competition in the cell phone business is fierce, and attracting customers to an “Empire Wireless” store was no easy task. Rob’s experience in marketing will prove to be an asset for your business.

Take your message to the street!

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Transformation of the week.

Transformation of the week.

The more affordable option for wrapping your box truck or trailer.