Wrap Hints

Take the time to remove door handles, headlights, lenses and other items that prevent you from laying wrap vinyl. We spend about 2-4 hours preparing a vehicle for a wrap. The time you spend preparing the vehicle will be made up when installing and especially over the life of the wrap. There is nothing worse than having to repair a wrap because it wasn’t installed properly the first time. Trust us, take the time up front and you will more than make it up on the back end.

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$489 Vehicle Wrap

A vehicle wrap is the most cost effective method of creating brand awareness. Today’s busy lifestyle makes it difficult to to get the attention of your customer base. MovinAds will design, print and install your wrap without any hassles. Our $489 wrap product focuses on three main criteria for an effective wrap:

  • Visually Appealing
  • Easy to understand
  • Clear and legible contact info.

A wrap is complete only when these three points are met. Please stop by and let us consult with you on your wrap.

Capitalgate Insurance Wrap (4)

Take your message to the street!

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Transformation of the week.

Transformation of the week.

The more affordable option for wrapping your box truck or trailer.