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We at Movin Ads, Galway, NY are truck wrap and vehicle wrap experts. If you are looking to have your car wrapped, your truck wrapped or an entire fleet of vehicles wrapped, we have the very latest in vinyl vehicle wrap technology. Some of our clients want a full vehicle wrap and others want a partial vehicle wrap. We offer both types of vehicle wrap services.

We encourage you to check out our GALLERY to see our commercial vehicle wraps and graphics, emergency vehicle wraps and graphics, police vehicle wraps, business wraps and graphics so you have a better idea of what we have done for other clients in the Galway, NY area.

Vinyl vehicle wraps and graphics are one of the most cost effective marketing tools around. Everyone know the benefit big companies get from placing advertisements on the side of their trucks. Thousands of people a day see these Mobile Billboards every day as the trucks drive around in the normal course of business. But just about any business in the Galway, NY market can benefit from a high quality vinyl vehicle wrap, a fully wrapped delivery truck or even wrapping the bosses car. (Check with the boss first before wrapping their car)

Have all the graphics you want on your vinyl vehicle wrap? GREAT! We can help you take those graphics and designs and make a super vehicle wrap for any size vehicle in your fleet.

Need Some Help? That’s ok too. Many of our Galway, NY area clients need help when deciding what to do with their vinyl vehicle wrap and graphics. At MovinAds (based in Clifton Park, NY) we have graphic designers and graphic artists who can take your logo and ideas and create a highly professional full vehicle wrap or partial vehicle wrap for your car or your biggest truck.

Vinyl Vehicle Graphics are long lasting and create a big marketing impact. Contact one of our vinyl vehicle wrap specialists by calling (518) 378-3000 or use our CONTACT FORM and let us know you are interested in a vinyl vehicle wrap or vinyl graphics for your business car or truck.

If you are located in the Galway, NY area and you would like to meet with one of our vehicle wrap consultants we will be happy to talk to you about the vinyl vehicle wrap options that may work best for you. Vinyl vehicle wraps are nearly free advertising. Why haven’t you wrapped all your business vehicles?


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Transformation of the week.

Transformation of the week.

The more affordable option for wrapping your box truck or trailer.